Real-Time Website Experience Using RSS Feeds

Everyone wants timely update of information or news. Do you notice how difficult it is to browse through different websites just to scan over favorite tidbits of information? A user will painstakingly scan these websites for new updates everyday, which is not really convenient. Management of favorite websites has always been a problem for Internet users.

The Current Dilemma of Website Users

A user has the option to subscribe to an email newsletter from a favorite website for everyday updates and news. But not many enterprise firewalls provide easy delivery of emails especially from unknown sources. Chances are, most of the email newsletter subscription will never reach the user.

Spamming is also a common problem from joining email newsletters. Private information will be easily made available to fraudulent entities that will spam the user with marketing information or they may attempt conduct phishing or extraction of private and confidential information from the user.

Feeded Solution to the Problem

Rich Site Summary or RSS is a format for delivering constantly changing web contents. With the use of RSS feeds, news and podcast channels can be broadcasted in real-time. These web contents can include blogs, headlines, podcast channels that can be displayed properly using RSS.

RSS makes it possible for people to be able to view updated contents of their favorite websites. Rather than checking them manually, people can readily see the updates. A user can easily subscribe to a RSS feed from the website by clicking the RSS icon. The feed contents can be viewed by using a feed reader or what they call news aggregator.

What are the benefits of RSS? RSS helps people to manage various information from multiple websites via their regular feeds. They do not have to create their own management portal for news updates, instead, the RSS can do it for them. Users will be assured of fresh information since RSS feeds continuously update their news and channels. Another is that the privacy of a user is maintained. Users do not have to join each newsletter from his favorite websites. A RSS feed will be available to provide him fresh news everyday.

Popular Feed Readers

A variety of feed readers was developed across a variety of platforms in the Internet. Depending on your taste and preference, feed readers or news aggregators can be selected for Windows, Linux or Macintosh platforms. Popular feed readers running on these platforms include Newsgator and Feed Reader for the Windows platform, and Amphetadesk that can run across all three platforms of Macintosh, Linux and Windows. Web-based feed readers such as Bloglines, My Yahoo and Google Reader can also be used.

Using RSS feeds, Internet users will be able to save time and effort in collecting valuable information from a number of favorite websites. The problem with the Internet is that it provides free and unfiltered access to a vast collection of websites. It is now to the discretion of the Internet user which sites are worth keeping tabs with for future reference. Using RSS feeds, this will be of no problem for him.

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