Recovery and Repair — Some Tips For The User

A password is required to be unique and so the user usually forgots the password that he sets. If you are using Windows XP and you have forgotten your log-in password, you can bypass the log-in by going to the Safe Mode.

Recover Lost Password

Restart the PC and press the function key F8 just before the Windows Operating System starts. A log-on screen complete with icons for existing user names will be displayed and these icons include the Administrator. By logging into the Administrator account but also leaving the password blank. Let Windows run and go to Control Panel. By selecting User Accounts, you can reset a password for any account. This is only applicable with Windows XP since Windows Vista has disabled its Administrator account so byapssing the log-in in a Windows Vista is impossible.

If you really need to recover a lost password, try Password Recovery Programs such as Advanced Office Password Recovery from Elcomsofts for only US$ 49. The Mail Passview application will be able to recover passwords from Outlook, Eudora and other e-mail program.

Recover a Product Key

The product key is essential especially if you need to reinstall an Operating System or application. Using Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder will be able to tell you of the product key as long as the application is still installed in the computer.

Recover Lost Image Files

As if losing files is frustrating enough, try losing images or snapshots of a birthday or anniversary event. The once-in-a-lifetime moment is lost forever just because the digital memory chip of your camera crashed or a whole folder was accidentally deleted by a niece or nephew. How do you get all those precious moments back?

There is hope with the image recovery softwares available. You can try out the PhotoRescue software from DataRescue, Image Rescue from Lexar, and RescuePro from SanDisk. These softwares have a rate of recovery of 4 out of 5 photos from the memory when the images were accidentally deleted. On the other hand, if the images were erased, for example from a Macintosh computer, a 3 out of 5 success rate can be observed. These image recovery softwares, however, can not recover images or photos handled using the in-camera format option. They explained that cameras replace the image files with binary zeros and the data becomes unrecoverable.

There are free utilities online such as the Digital Photo recovery of Art Plus and Smart Recovery of PC Inspector. These utilities do a good work on JPEG, RAW and TIFF files.

Repair Damaged Word and Excel Files

You can repair damaged Microsoft Office applications by choosing the Open and Repair option from the right side of the Open button. If, however, the application seems damaged, you can repair it using the Control Panel. Select Add or Remove Programs in XP and instead of removing the file, click on Change. There you will find the option of either a Repoair or Reinstall. Choose Repair.

Recover Data from Mobile Phone

The SIMCon program or the SIM Card Data Recovery application can help you retrieve valuable data from your mobile phone. These application are only US$ 99 and US$ 69, respectively.

Recover a Network Connection

The Network Magic utility, which costs about US$ 40 can display the entire network. The utility displays the devices that are available and the kind of connections. Users will even know the IP address of each element in the network. This utility program can help in troubleshooting as well as in configuring data.


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