When dealing with the many legal issues surrounding the use of bit torrent client software, one must think about the many compromises that the indexing websites have had to take in order to continue their services to the world.

When a bit torrent index website gets raided by the various possible government and copyright authorities, two things may happen. The first possibility is the complete shut down of the web server to prevent the future spread of various copyrighted data. The other possibility, is what most people have seen upon visiting the many bit torrent indexing websites. The warnings. These warnings are usually a compromise between government authorities, copyright authorities and the web site owner him/her self. They simply state that there is a possibility that the various .torrent files that you may be downloading may contain copyrighted data.

Although, this is less of a warning, and more of a friendly gesture as the majority of bit torrent clients visit the sites to find the copy righted data.

Lets take the first possibility. This would be newly released movies. Some people may not have access to watch these movies, or depending on their location, the cost may be too great. They turn to the utilization of bit torrent client software to get their movie mojo fix. The same can be said for virtually any possible copyrighted data.

This is not an excuse to break the law regardless.

It is because of this, that the many bit torrent indexing services have had to make compromises with various authorities both locally and internationally. There is always a high probability of downloading copyrighted data. But lets face the facts. A warning that states that you may or may not be downloading intellectual copyrights of another, is mainly ignored due to the possibility that you are infact at the indexing site to get copyrighted data.

The truth is. That if there was no such thing as copyrighted data, there would most likely never be a need for bit torrent client software, since you could simply go to Microsoft and download the latest copy of their operating system free of charge. But then that would not work, because then Bill Gates would not be the richest man on the face of the planet.

Although, compromises generally are more of a forced reconciliation on the website’s side and no of the intellectual copyright holder’s side. Otherwise we would see lower prices for the thing that we are planning to download.

As it has been stated before though, the law is the law and it must be obeyed, and it is for this reason that the bit torrent indexing websites have become targets for the copyright authorities. It is not physically possible for the various copyright authorities to go after everyone. As a matter of fact, they cannot. Even according to US law, if you were to purchase a pirated movie, the one who gave you access to that movie is the one who would be responsible. The same goes for the indexing websites. Due to the fact that they are a channel or means for one to access pirated data, in general, they are the one who would take the burden of the punishment. They also believe, that by shutting down the bit torrent indexing websites that they will stop the trade of intellectual data. In reality, if the indexing services were shut down, there would always be another way to access this data.

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