Yahoo! Live Quietly Launches

A very short launch of Yahoo was introduced. A new video-streaming service which immediately crashed. lets you use your web-cam to stream live video to Yahoo! It is similar to the services of startups and Apparently, the company was only capable of handling 500 people watching 40 live video streams.

Yikes! The whole world was watching not a good move! (Yahoo calls the problems “intermittent outages” that require “tweaks.”) short life took place and on their developer network blog, they described as “an experiment in personal live video broadcasting.”

They let you combine several feeds into one session, turning the service into a chat room or virtual conference tool. As many as five participants can do video and audio on one page together. An API is already offered.

Apparently, users can set up their own profiles and get statistics of how many people are watching their feeds, even the number of broadcasts etc.

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