Server Client Protocols

When peer-to-peer sharing of files first started, they utilized a centralized server to maintain the files. This was to become known as the first generation of P2P networks and is known as the server-client-protocol. When a client wanted a file, they would search the centralized server and in return the server would facilitate the client with a list of other users who have that file.

The two biggest examples of the first generation server-client-protocol P2P networks are that of Napster and eDonkey2000. Although eDonkey decided to become decentralized to update with the times, Napster instead chose the other option which was to become a paid-for service.

In general though, server-client-protocol networks were in existence long before Napster and eDonkey2000. Since the dawn of the internet era, small private communities could use a web server to store their files and facilitate the downloads to other members, but it was Napster who did this on a large enough scale to be noticed by the various copyright authorities who in-turn shut Napster down then began legal proceedings against various teenage youth who often used the network.

There have been numerous server-client-protocol networks throughout the hay day of the first generation of P2P networking. Some of these networks included Audiogalaxy who shut their doors in 2002, Napster who closed in 2001 then reopened as a pay-service, Scour Exchange who was Napster’s biggest competition but has been completely shut down as well as Soulseek which is still up and fully operational with over 120,000 members world-wide.

Although the first generation of P2P networks is considered to be out-dated, they still exist just like the old Atari consoles, their strong following and large community has allowed them to stay around for much longer than most people would have figured.

P2P networks are very popular with not just the young teenage crowd, but many people who you would never expect are involved with the various P2P file sharing networks around the world. You seriously have to think about it though. How would the average teenager get an advanced screening version of a movie before it is available in the theaters? Many of the pirated films of movies in theaters may even have been made right from the projection room.

Regardless of your age, you are always welcome to join in the P2P file sharing revolution and be part of one of the largest communities in the world, the bit torrent community. There are some internet service providers who might go as far as saying that more than 75% of the world is already active in the bit torrent P2P file sharing network. So why aren’t you? The more time goes by, the more you fall behind in the technology. It is changing almost daily and if you wait too long, you may just find yourself on a website looking up a term that is used by the program that you have no clue as to what it means.

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