Areas For Torrent Applications

Over the years of the World Wide Web, many forms of file sharing protocols have both come and gone, however, bit torrent seems to be not going anywhere any time soon. There are literally countless variables and possibilities associated with the areas of use that one could benefit from the bit torrent protocol.

If you want to see a movie, but do not have the time to go out and get it, you can simply start a download, go to bed, and when you wake up, its there waiting for you. The biggest problem though, is the simple fact that most people do not want to watch the public domain films, instead they want to see the latest blockbuster release. This becomes an issue due to the fact that the latest blockbuster release is under numerous copyright laws. By downloading this file you make yourself open to possible legal actions.

But lets forget about the movies, lets go way back to the beginning of the bit torrent protocol and its original intended use. Software! Around the world, there are literally millions of newbie software developers producing programs to make their life simpler. Once they try these programs, and are satisfied with the results, they could then offer it to the world under a GNU license. Unfortunately, if they were to pay for a server and host a website to offer this new program, they have to also fork over the money to cover the costs imposed by the ISP and webhoster.

Thanks to the bit torrent protocol and indexing websites, that same programmer, could go to the indexing site, take some time talking about their program in the comments section and then offer the program through the torrent protocol. Move ahead a couple years, and now not only can they go by the torrent way, but they can also find a free web hosting service that offers database and PHP services, place that program on the server along with an online web-based bit torrent client and they are set to go with out the massive overhead associated with the venture.

This is important as items released under GNU, are free to use and therefore, the programmer does not make the money from the program to cover the added costs. Then if you take also into account that the various bit torrent indexing websites also get frequented by the search engine bots more frequently than you could get to a personal website, you could very well be sharing your program with the world within a matter of days instead of months or years.

This is just one of the many possibilities one could come up with in using the bit torrent clients for their file sharing needs. There are many more, but due to the overwhelming number of possibilities, it is easier to just tell you about one and let you decide what areas that the bit torrent protocol will work best for your personal needs.

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