How to Earn money with Google Adsense?

To answer the question How to make money with Google AdSense, you must first submit and then Google AdSense for beginners.

The firm has made Google the best search engine today. A giant step towards the development of the Web, but that does nothing in terms of money! It’s free. The idea of true genius is how they have monetized: AdWords AdSense is his buddy!

Google AdWords built to benefit millions of people using their search engine. It’s simple, advertisers set the amount that can pay for each visit from the Google search engine. Google displays their ads on its search results pages under “Sponsored Links” on the right and above the initial results. In general, these ads are displayed according to the terms (keywords) sought by the user of the search engine.

As a result, Google has wanted to expand the advertising for these advertisers. Pro Google have decided to set up Google AdSense.

If you visit Wikipedia, you will find the following definition for AdSense: AdSense is the advertising using Google’s Web sites as a medium for its ads. These are mostly contextual, but several options are offered, and several types of ads, including sponsorship of Google and the search field. Ads are text or images, and videos are also used by the search engine Google and its webmail service, Gmail.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

Most of the new blogs have no traffic at the beginning, so it is useless to add sets of Google AdSense ads. The fact to do so could show that your blog is a “built for AdSense,” which is totally banned by Google. You do not have the right to create a website for the sole purpose of adding sets of AdSense.

Targeting a single keyword

It is better to deal with one specific keyword in your blog that another general. This will help you see ads consistent with your content and in relation to the interests of your visitors.

Always one article per page

If your home page, for example, contains more than one article. The ads will be different themes or even unrelated to your main keyword.

Opt for targeted traffic

If most of your website visitors come from search engines, meaning they are there because they want stuff on your main keyword, it will be more likely to click your ads addressing same site as your keyword and the same keyword that visitors have typed on search engines, they accessed advertisers and convert quite well. You earn money and help avoid the “Smart Pricing”.

Avoid social traffic

If you have a website with AdSense ads on its pages, and that 70% -80% of your visitors come from your space on Facebook, Twitter, … It is very likely that they are not interested in your main keyword blog and they are just out of curiosity! Clicks will probably place your AdSense ads without any conversion. You will sooner or later “Smart Priced!

Optimize your website for search engines

So you can earn money from AdSense, your site must be well optimized for search engines. So you targeted traffic and clicks that convert well and more announcements of high performance!

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