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Top 3 Free Cloud Storage Providers 2019

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You begin your desktop, it flickers for a while and then dies. After thumping it a couple of times and throwing a fit, you realize all of your work, photographs, videos and more have been thrown down the pan and it suddenly dawns on you that you must have backed up everything!

Now some people are particular about backing up files (and backing up the back up!) , but the majority of us forget or simply shiver at the notion of regularly scheduling setups. Well, there’s help online and it is free of charge. That’s correct, there isn’t any excuse now not to use online storage space.

Free cloud storage is just the manner in which files/documents are stored online.

So who are these free cloud storage suppliers and how can they make money? Well, to make money they expect you upgrade to their paid services (generally more storage space). If you are a business user this will make sense, but for the majority of us, the 1 – 50GB of free storage is sufficient for our documents.


I love Dropbox. I have used them for a long time and the features are so elastic. I am able to use Dropbox in my Mac, my PC and notebook and also my iPhone. The files are sync had overall apparatus that’s a bonus and a number of people can work on exactly the exact same file! My sister and I had been designed a birthday card for our mom. Dropbox allows 2GB of space, but you can accrue more by recommending family and friends.


SugarSync I’ve tried using on a number of events and they’re pretty good all around. I will use on all of my devices and the storage is a plentiful 5GB. You are able to work to get more storage space, too. I discovered the process of preparing the apparatus (whether it be a program in my iPhone or desktop PC applications ) to be very smooth and easy to follow.


I have used IDrive for several years, like Dropbox, and have found the support to be quite dependable. The web interface isn’t as intuitive and other suppliers, but IDrive also provides software and programs for many mobile devices, but not all at the time of writing this report.

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