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Hey, guys, this is Austin and today I’ve got some of the coolest gaming tech under $50. To start with we have the NES30 and the SNES30.

Bluetooth controllers

Now, these are Bluetooth controllers that happen to bear just a little bit of a resemblance to a certain classic Nintendo console.

The cool thing about this is that it supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, pretty much anything. In fact examples are iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Samsung Note II, Galaxy Series, Android Pad, personal favorite, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

Oh, wow, that looks like a Super Nintendo controller. Instead of having a wire we have just a Micro USB port so if you want to charge this guy you can but otherwise you do everything over Bluetooth.

You know I got to say they really nailed the feel of this, like the buttons are even concave and convex, in fact actually it’s a little bit more clicky than the original.

Now if the Super Nintendo is too new for you there’s also an NES option. Wow, that’s actually kind of cool. So you can just kinda post your phone up right here get that Bluetooth action, it’s actually kind of nice.

C’mon, C’mon, C’mon No, no! Stop. (clattering) All right, the controllers good.

That was a little bit of user error. Now if you’re not down with phone gaming you can also pick up these wireless adapters for the original NES and SNES.

LED Projector

That’s how it’s done, son. Wirelessly. – Next up is something you usually don’t find for $50, an actual projector. There’s not even a brand name on this, it literally just says LED Projector.

So even though the actual resolution is 320 by 240 you can plug in pretty much anything HDMI and it will be able to display it. So if you don’t have something new with HDMI such as a SNES you can plug it in with this guy although this definitely looks broken that’s not straight at all.

There is a built-in UI if you want to load media onto the projector itself, but it’s pretty painfully slow. You can scale the display up to 60 inches and it’s actually not terrible.

It is a bit on the dim side, but for $50 it’s hard to complain. The bigger drawback is that 320 by 240 resolution. For older games this actually isn’t that big of a problem but connect something newer over HDMI and text quickly becomes a blurry mess.

It’s a little bit better when you’re watching the video but this definitely isn’t Team Crispy approved. This absolutely won’t hold up to a higher end projector, but for something that’s this portable and cheap, there really isn’t much to complain about.

Gaming Mouse or Mechanical Keyboard

The setup is dead simple and especially for retro gaming, it works surprisingly well. On the PC gaming side, I’ve got you covered too. So for $50 you can get either a gaming mouse or mechanical keyboard.

So for $50 you can get either a gaming mouse or mechanical keyboard.

So this is the Razer DeathAdder Mouse and for under $50 well you don’t get a lot, you get a mouse. The DeathAdder’s been around for a few years but there’s really not much to complain about.

It has a 6400 DPI sensor and that grip is no joke. This is a really ergonomic mouse. Unlike most Razer products the LED treatment is a little more subtle although there is a full RGB option if you’d like to go just a bit above the $50 budget.

So this is the Redragon Kumara keyboard and not only is it mechanical for less than $50 but it’s also got LEDs. (clicking) The switches are supposedly Cherry Green equivalents and they feel solid. Unless you’re a serious mechanical keyboard fan you’d be hard pressed to notice a big difference in quality. It also has red backlighting which you can adjust.

It’s definitely more on the gamer side as far as looks go, especially with that font, but once you get used to a backlit keyboard it’s hard to go back.

Fallout Monopoly

For $40 this is a great upgrade over a cheaper membrane keyboard. And of course no gaming setup is complete without Fallout Monopoly.

One, two, three, four, five. – No, no, (yelling) we should have played Yahtzee you – As always links to everything here will be in the description and make sure to subscribe to catch more videos like this.

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