Meet the People Using Technology to Save Our Coral Reefs

The catchy headline that grabs our attention is so often the one of destruction and chaos. But the rest of the story can add a little balance back to our worldviews and support for those hard at work saving these precious ecosystems. This is the first of two articles we’ll be writing about in the upcoming months about coral restoration. Because let’s face it, we need to celebrate and support the people who are hard at work proving it’s still an amazing world! In this article, we’ll be focusing in on how technology and science are having a huge impact on the way we work to restore and protect one of the most important ecosystems on the planet! If you’ve ever enjoyed the benefits of modern medicine, the sand between your toes, or a delicious seafood dinner with your loved one, you have corals to thank! Reef systems are worth $11.9 trillion to the global economy. 1 Reefs, and the corals that make them possible are home to 25% of all marine life. 2This biodiversity has helped researchers make discoveries for new drugs to treat cancer, Alzheimers, viruses, and heart disease. 3 And, if you’re a fan of heading off to tropical places and diving into their beautiful waters, reefs support $10.5 billion in annual tourist revenue. 4 In recent decades we have lost 50% of our reef systems worldwide. This is due to a number of factors including warming seas, ocean acidification, and local factors like poor fishing practices and damaging hurricanes. This devastation puts a quarter of marine life at risk—an impact that would have ripple effects outside of the water on a global economic level. 5

Updated: July 11, 2019 — 8:40 am

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