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Jonathan here closing out the year with some of my favorite tech of 2019. Now, to clarify, this is in no particular order, nor was it necessarily what I think is the best. It was just what I used the most. So kicking off the list are

Sony H900N Wireless Headphones

the Sony H900N Wireless Headphones and these were hands down the headphones that I used most this year.

The color on these is dubbed moonlit blue, which is definitely a little fancy pants, but I appreciate the aesthetic, and they definitely stand out in a sea of other wireless headphones.

Noise cancellation and audio quality on these things are incredible, and if you travel a lot or you hop on planes, these will change your life, but even if you don’t, they sound fantastic.

Sony A73 Camera

Next up from there is the Sony A73, which I think honestly is hands down the absolute best camera you can buy for the money.

You get full frame 4K video, 120 FPS slow motion video, and yeah, people are all about that Canon color science, but the secret sauce to the Sony A73 is to use Picture Profile One.

I don’t mess around with S-Log or any crazy LUTs. PP1 is where it’s at. They used it to shoot the Dave2D setup video, which looked incredible. My only advice is if you do go Sony and you can, invest in native Sony Glass.

The G-Master stuff is next level. The 24-70 paired with the 85mm G-Master is, like, mind-blowingly good. So if you’re looking to up your camera or your quality, I cannot say enough good things about the Sony A73.

From there, there were so many incredible smartphones this year but the three that really stood out to me are the Oneplus 6T, the iPhone 10R and the Google Pixel 3.

Oneplus 6T iPhone 10R

I like the Oneplus 6T because I think, hands down, for the price, it is the best value out right now. They are packing so much into this phone for a relatively low price compared to the other flagships that it’s almost not fair.

This specifically is the McLaren Edition, but if you’re just looking for the baseline Oneplus 6T, I think it’s a fantastic value. Now, for the 10R, it’s got a ton of controversy.

A lot of hate. But I think, honestly, it is the iPhone that most people should buy. It’s a great size with a stellar camera. They come in a ton of really beautiful colors.

You have the same processor as the iPhone 10S and 10S Max, but you get better battery life, which I think is more important to most people out there.

I know people are gonna talk about the display, but clearly, by now we’ve proved that pixels aren’t everything. And yeah, if you want iPhone 10S-like features without paying as much money, I think the 10R is a fantastic choice.

Pixel 3

Now for the Pixel 3, yeah, there was a ton of drama and controversy and problems in quality control, but there’s no denying how great that camera is.

Because of that, I always need to have a Pixel on me. I think the frustration with most people with the Pixel 3 is that if there was a company to take out Apple, Google is the company to do that.

They have the resources, the money. So yeah, even with those problems, the Pixel 3 is special to me.

I think the camera is that good. Speaking of phones, I think my favorite phone accessory, and this is great because it works with a ton of different phones, is the Moment case paired with their amazing lenses.

The wide angle lens is amazing, but I really like the combo of the telephoto lens paired with the iPhone 10R because you’re getting portrait telephoto mode on steroids.

Because of the single lens, and because of how portrait mode works on the iPhone 10R, you actually get a lower aperture, so you’re getting better low light performance.

Jellyfish by LumaForge

The only problem is you were missing that telephoto length, but not when you add this. Next from there, for those that caught my recent video on the Jellyfish by LumaForge.

That thing changed my life. It’s a 120 terabyte server that is packing crazy bandwidth, super fast speeds, eight 10 gig ethernet ports that hook up to our entire office and allows us to work together seamlessly.

External SSD

With that, this guy here I think had a similar effect on my mobile workflow, because this is a 7.6 terabyte external SSD. Yes, 7.6 terabytes. That’s not a mistake.

It’s bus-powered which kinda doesn’t make sense to me. There is nothing else like this on the market, and to have that much storage with me at all times paired with a Macbook Pro is next level.

You have really fast speeds, it’s silent, there’s no noise, it’s reliable, it’s sturdy, and yeah, it has become my ultimate travel companion as far as editing video.

From there, you guys know, I gotta give a nod to the iPad Pro. I really appreciate it. Not for what it is right now, but what it stands for in the future.

iPad Pro

Even with that said though, I feel like I was able to dive in and really use the power of the iPad Pro. My most recent project with it was heading to Toronto, hanging out with Dave2D, shooting an entire setup video on a Sony A73, and then making that video on the iPad Pro.

The idea of editing 4K video in real time with a fane less machine that is this thin still gets me super excited for tech. So if you’re not into it, I get it. No one’s trying to change your mind or twist your arm, but personally, I’ve had a really great experience with the 2018 iPad Pro.

Apple Watch Series 4

Next up from there is the Apple Watch Series 4, and whether you love Apple or you hate them, there is no denying it is not even close in terms of smart watches right now. From the bigger but slimmer design to the ECG, which has already saved a life, there are so many features packed inside.

If you’ve never owned an Apple Watch, there has never been a better time to pick one up, but I think at this point it’s more than just a companion to your phone.

Whether you’re the super trained, badass athlete, or someone like me just trying to keep up with Mr. Greg trying to stay in shape, whether it’s basketball or cardio, this is a must-have pick-up.

If you don’t wanna buy one though, I’ve actually teamed up with Stock Export. They are giving away an Apple Watch. Details on how you can win are located on my Instagram post as well as theirs. I’ll drop a link to both of them down below.

Thank you guys very much for watching. Hopefully, you enjoyed the article. If you did and you are feeling like being awesome, make sure you guys smash that like button and let me know what was your favorite tech of the year? I would love to hear it, and I will catch you guys later.

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